Animal Skeletal System (Osteology)

Animal Skeletal System

The animal skeletal system consists of bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. They form the central framework of the animal’s body. From this article, you will learn the detailed topics of animal skeletal anatomy with other helpful guides. Quick overview: bones are the principal components of the animal skeletal system that form the hard framework known … Read more

What is Veterinary Anatomy?

What is Veterinary Anatomy

The anatomy of animals is the branch of biology concerned with the study of the form and structure of the specific individual. Here, the article will answer the question – ‘what is veterinary anatomy?’ with an example. Quick answer: veterinary anatomy, the branch of anatomy, deals with the form and structure of the principal domesticated … Read more

What are the Terms Used in Veterinary Anatomy?

What are the Terms Used in Veterinary Anatomy

The topographic and directional terminology are essential for beginner’s veterinary anatomy learners. Here, I will answer the question – ‘what are the terms used in veterinary anatomy?’ in detail. Quick answer: dorsal, ventral, cranial, caudal, lateral, medial, superior, inferior, superficial, deep, proximal, distal, axial, abaxial, palmar, and plantar are the terms commonly used in veterinary … Read more

What are the Accessory Glands of Male Animals? (Bull, Stallion, and Buck)

What are the Accessory Glands of Male Animals

There are three accessory glands of the male animals that produce a bulk of the genital fluid. Here, I will identify these glands with their anatomical features from different male animals. Quick answer: seminal, prostate, and bulbourethral are the accessory glands of male animals. Except for the prostate gland, the other two glands are paired … Read more