Colon Histology Slide with Labeled Diagram

Colon histology slide labeled diagram

The colon histology slide possesses the typical four layers of a tubular organ – mucosa, submucosa, muscularis, and serosa. But, there are no permanent plica circularis and villi in the colon slide as found in the different segments of the small intestine. You will also see a thicker tunica mucosa in the colon slide because … Read more

Ruminant Reticulum Histology Slide with Labeled Diagram

Ruminant reticulum histology slide

The reticulum is a non-glandular part of the ruminant stomach. In the ruminant reticulum histology, you will find some permanent interconnecting mucosal folds known as reticular crests. I will show you every essential histological feature from the ruminant reticulum histology slide with labeled images.  I will also show you some differences among the three different parts of the ruminant … Read more

Cecum Histology Slide with Labeled Image and Diagram

Cecum histology slide labeled

The cecum histology slide follows the general pattern of the small intestine with some exceptional features. You may find a variation in the size of the gross cecum among the different species. But, in all domestic mammals, the cecum histology slide shows a substantial number of lymphatic nodules scattered throughout its length. Here, I will show you all the … Read more

Parathyroid Gland Histology with Microscope Slide Image and Labeled Diagram

Parathyroid gland histology slide

There are two or more pairs of parathyroid glands located on the posterior surface of the thyroid gland. You will find two main types of cells (chief and oxyphils) in the parathyroid gland histology slide. Here in this article, I will show you all the structures of a parathyroid gland with a microscope slide image and a … Read more

Ileum Histology Slide with Labeled Diagram and Identification Points

Ileum histology slide diagram

The ileum histology slide consists of the four layers like tunica mucosa, submucosa, muscular, and serosa. Here, I will show you the detailed histological features of the wall of the ileum slide with a labeled diagram. I will also provide you with the important identification points for the ileum histology slide so that you may identify it so quickly.  … Read more

Skin Histology Slide Identification – Thick and Thin Skin Microscope Slides and Labeled Diagrams

Skin histology slide

Skin is the heaviest organ of an animal’s body that covers the surface of the body. It comes into direct contact with the external environment. In the skin histology slide, you will find two main layers – epidermis and dermis. If you want to identify and understand the histological features from both thick and thin skin histology … Read more

Histology Slides Identification from Different Organ Systems

Histology slides identification

As a human medical student or veterinary student, you might learn histology slides with proper identifying characteristics. This article will show you the essential histology slides from the different organ systems of an animal’s body.  Here, you will get the histology slides of epithelial tissue, digestive system organs, respiratory organs, endocrine glands, male and female genital organs, and … Read more