The anatomylearner aims to share the valuable information of veterinary anatomy with other anatomists, especially for the new learner, in interactive ways to get interested in efficiently learning veterinary anatomy. You will find a vast collection of images, videos, and information in any particular post. AnatomyLearner.com will try its best to provide more valuable resources for the new learner.

Hello, I am Sonnet (Veterinarian; I completed my DVM – DOCTOR OF VETERINARY MEDICINE and have a good knowledge of VETERINARY ANATOMY) from AnatomyLearner.com. I am so happy to share the essential and informative topics from veterinary anatomy with the new learner. I tried my best to provide a perfect guide with possible explanations, labeled images, and videos to learn gross veterinary anatomy and veterinary histology of different organs or structures from the animal body.

You will also learn the topics under veterinary applied anatomy, avian anatomy, and comparative anatomy. I hope all these guides will be helpful for you to learn veterinary anatomy online.

“All resources (pictures) are used for educational purposes; I am not directly involved with the processing of any bones or tissue. But all these pictures were taken by me from the anatomy learning laboratory. I perform drawing of all organs structures (both histological and anatomical).”

I have a great plan to enrich AnatomyLearner with more interactive articles, labeled pictures, and videos in the coming days. If you have any inquiries or suggestions related to veterinary anatomy then, feel free to contact me.


I am Sonnet, a veterinarian from Bangladesh. I completed my DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree in 2015.

Still, I love learning anatomical facts about various animals and sharing this knowledge with new veterinarians or animal lovers.

For this, I created anatomylearner.com and plan to share knowledge with new learners.

Veterinary Anatomy by Sonnet