Fetal Circulation Flow Chart with Explanation

Fetal Circulation Flow Chart Diagram

Fetal circulation is somewhat different than the general blood circulation in the animal’s body. I will provide the fetal circulation flow chart diagram in this short article. Here, you will also find a concise explanation of this short fetal circulation flow from the foetus. Let’s see how fetal blood circulation differs from the normal blood … Read more

Dog Kidney Anatomy – Right and Left Canine Kidneys Location with Diagram

Dog Kidney Anatomy

The dog kidney anatomy consists of a capsule, hilus, and parenchyma. Here, the capsule is a thin fibrous covering at the outer surface of the canine kidney. You will find the hilus in the medial border of each kidney of the dog. The hilus of the dog’s kidney comprises the renal vein, artery, and ureter. … Read more

What is the Difference between Pulmonary and Systemic Circulation

What is the difference between pulmonary and systemic circulation

If you are looking for short answers to the question – what is the difference between pulmonary and systemic circulation? Then you are in the right place. Here, I will show you the main difference between pulmonary and systemic circulation with the flow chart, table, and diagram. Let’s get into the article and know the … Read more

Dog Lung Anatomy – Canine Right and Left Lungs Lobes

Dog Lung Anatomy Lobe Diagram

The dog lung anatomy consists of different lobes, surfaces, borders, apex, and base. There are right and left lungs in a dog which are considered the main organ of respiration. These two lungs of a dog occupy most of the parts of the thoracic cavity and are separated by the mediastinum. Again, each of these … Read more

Dog Tibia Anatomy – Canine Leg Bone, Muscle, and Vessels

Dog Tibia Bone Anatomy Diagram

The dog tibia anatomy comprises a long body and two expanded extremities. It is a long and thick bone in the pelvic limb that articulates proximally with the femur and distally with the tarsals. The proximal part of the dog’s tibia is triangular and more massive than these of the distal extremity. Here, the distal … Read more

Dog Hock Anatomy with Diagram – Canine Tarsal Joint

Dog Hock Joint Anatomy

The dog hock anatomy comprises three major compound joints along with their ligaments and muscles. You will find the combination of tibiotarsal, intertarsal, and tarsometatarsal articulations in the structure of a dog hock. There are 5 common ligaments (capsular, lateral and medial collateral, cranial and caudal oblique) involved in the dog’s hock joint. This compound … Read more