Cat Digestive System Anatomy with a Labeled Diagram

Cat digestive system anatomy labeled diagram

The cat digestive system includes a mouth cavity, pharynx, alimentary canal, and different accessory organs. There are two major divisions in the mouth cavity of a cat – vestibule and mouth cavity proper. The alimentary canal of a cat starts with the esophagus and ends at the large intestine. Again, the accessory organs include teeth, … Read more

Structure of a Long Bone – Shaft with a Labeled Diagram

Structure of a long bone diagram

Before studying the animal appendicular skeleton, you might have good knowledge about the parts and structure of a long bone. You will find three major parts (body and extremities) and almost seven major structures in a long bone of an animal. This article will provide detailed information on a long bone’s gross and microscopic features … Read more

Dog Organ Anatomy

Dog internal organ anatomy

The dog organ anatomy consists of various organs from different body systems. As a veterinary student or a veterinarian, you might have a good concept of dog organs’ location from different systems. This article will help you know the location of a dog’s internal organs with different diagrams so that you may identify them so … Read more

Why is My Dog Wheezing and Coughing – Causes and Remedies

Why is my dog wheezing, coughing and sneezing

In the last five years, I got several patient owners who have a common complaint – why is my dog wheezing. There are many infectious and noninfectious reasons for a dog’s wheezing. Your dog may have chronic bronchitis, allergies, different heart diseases, kennel cough, and other respiratory infections that may lead to wheezing. Today I will … Read more

Hair Under a Microscope – Features of Hairs Shaft and Follicles with Labeled Diagram

Hair shaft under a microscope labeled

Hair under a microscope shows a hair follicle and a cylindrical hair shaft. In a hair shaft, you will find columns of keratinized cells organized into three layers – medulla, cortex, and cuticle. Again, the hair follicle is the epidermis structure that develops as down growth of the epidermis into the dermis and possesses different parts.  … Read more

Skin Under Microscope

Skin under microscope labeled

The skin under a light microscope shows two distinct layers – epidermis and dermis. In the case of thin skin, the epidermis is very thin and lines with the keratinized stratified squamous epithelium. You will also find five different cells layers in the epidermis of both thick and thin skin under a light microscope.  The dermis of thick and … Read more

Cow Hoof Anatomy – Corium, Wall, Sole, and Bulb

Cow hoof anatomy labeled diagram

The cow hoof anatomy is a cornified modification of the epidermis that lies under the vascular layer and covers the end of the digits. You will find two primary and two accessory hooves on each limb of a cow. The leading hoof of a cow comprises three parts – periople, wall, and sole. Here, I will show … Read more

Pseudostratified Columnar Epithelium under a Microscope with a Labeled Diagram

Pseudostratified columnar epithelium

The pseudostratified columnar epithelium comprises a single layer of cells but seems to be multilayered. It is because different cellular heights and nuclei are also placed at a different levels. I will show you the pseudostratified columnar epithelium under a light microscope with its identifying points and labeled diagram.  I will also tell you the location of pseudostratified columnar … Read more

Simple Squamous Epithelium under a Microscope with a Labeled Diagram

Simple squamous epithelium under microscope labeled

Simple squamous epithelium under a microscope consists of a single layer of thin, flat, and scale-like cells. These cells are joined together by an intercellular junction and rest on the basement membrane, whose thickness depends on the location. Here, I will show you what simple squamous looks like under a light microscope.  Again, I will also tell you almost … Read more