Dog Mammary Gland Anatomy – Numbers, Name, and Location of Canine Mamma

Dog Mammary Gland Anatomy Location with Diagram

The dog mammary gland anatomy consists of glandular tissue and papilla. You will find a significant variation in the number and distribution of dog mammae compared to cows and goats. Here, I will show you the basic anatomical features of the dog’s mammary glands with a labeled diagram. You will also know the exact location … Read more

Dog Ovary Anatomy – Shape, Size, Location, and Ligament with Diagram

Dog Ovary Anatomy - Location, Shape , and Ligaments

The dog ovary anatomy shows distinct surfaces, borders, extremities, and ligaments. You will also see the defined medulla and cortex in the ovary of a dog which possesses different structures and features. But, the location and structure of the dog’s ovary may vary with cows. The location of the canine ovary is significant as you … Read more

Cardiac Muscle Under Microscope with Labeled Diagram

Cardiac Muscle Under a Microscope Labeled 400X Diagram

The cardiac muscle under a microscope shows a short cylindrical fiber with a centrally placed oval nucleus. You will find some unique features in cardiac muscle that will help you to differentiate it from skeletal and smooth muscles. Quick answer: the cardiac muscle microscope slide shows the cylindrical fiber with 1 or 2 nuclei. The … Read more

Lymphocytes Under Microscope with Labeled Diagram

Lymphocytes Under a Microscope with Labeled

Lymphocytes under a microscope show a round to slightly indented nucleus with clumped heterochromatin. You know these lymphocytes are agranulocytes and form the second-largest population of white blood cells. This article will show you the structure (morphology) of different types of lymphocytes (small, large, B, and T) under light and electron microscopes. So that after … Read more

Adipose Tissue Under Microscope with Labeled Diagram

Adipose Tissue Under Microscope Labeled

The adipose tissue under a microscope shows an aggregation of fat cells or adipocytes. You will find this adipose tissue subcutaneously throughout the body except over the eyelid, auricle, and other parts of the animal’s body. The adipose tissue is considered the specialized connective tissue which plays an essential role in energy homeostasis. Microscopically, you … Read more

Prophase Under Microscope – from Mitosis and Meiosis Stages

Prophase Under Microscope Labeled Diagram

The prophase under a microscope shows the gradually becoming condensed chromatin, resulting in the formation of the individual chromosome. You know this prophase is the first stage of mitosis cell division which may quickly identify with the help of a light microscope. Again, you will also see the prophase 1 and prophase 2 stages in … Read more

Tongue Under Microscope with Labeled Diagram

Tongue Under Microscope Labeled

The tongue under a microscope shows a core of crisscrossing skeletal muscle bundles and a peripheral mucous membrane. A stratified squamous epithelium covers the mucous membrane of the tongue and contains 4 types of papillae. Again, each tongue papilla possesses a connective tissue core that covers the epithelium. Some of these papillae of the animal’s … Read more