Cat Tail Bones Anatomy with Diagram

Cat Tail Bones

The cat tail bones are the smallest caudal vertebrae of the vertebral column. These are the parts of the cat’s axial skeleton. The number of these bones is variable in the cat tails. Here, I will discuss the unique osteological features of the tail bone from the cats. You will also know the actual numbers … Read more

Dog Larynx Anatomy – Laryngeal Cartilage, Cavity, and Muscles

Dog Larynx Anatomy

The dog larynx anatomy consists of laryngeal cartilage, muscles, nerves, and vessels. Here, I will show the details anatomical features of these components from the dog’s larynx with a diagram. Quick overview: a dog’s larynx is a musculocartilagenious structure that mainly consists of 5 laryngeal cartilages. There are different intrinsic muscles in the larynx that … Read more