Cow Hoof Anatomy – Corium, Wall, Sole, and Bulb

Cow hoof anatomy labeled diagram

The cow hoof anatomy is a cornified modification of the epidermis that lies under the vascular layer and covers the end of the digits. You will find two primary and two accessory hooves on each limb of a cow. The leading hoof of a cow comprises three parts – periople, wall, and sole. Here, I will show … Read more

Goat Anatomy – External and Internal Anatomical Features with Labeled Diagram

Goat anatomy labeled diagram

Veterinary students and farm owners might know the external and internal goat anatomy to maintain good health and increase the productivity of a herd. I will discuss the external and internal anatomical facts of a goat here in this article.  This brief outline of the goat’s anatomy is a starting point for those who want to keep … Read more

Goat Skeleton Anatomy – Skull Forelimb and Hindlimb Bones

Goat skeleton anatomy

Skeleton is the framework of rigid structures that support and protect the soft organs of the animal’s body. Goat skeleton anatomy is primarily divided into the axial and appendicular subdivision. In this article, I will show you the different peculiar osteological features of goat skeleton. Hi, do you love to learn goat skeletal system anatomy? There is a … Read more