Cow Leg Anatomy – Bone, Muscles, and Vessels from Front and Hind Legs

Cow Leg Anatomy

The cow leg anatomy consists of bones, muscles, nerves, and vessels. Bones are the hardest and main component of the cow leg structure. Again, the muscles are also essential as most vessels and nerves pass along or within them. Here, I will share details information on the cow front and hind leg anatomy with the … Read more

Cow Heart Anatomy – 4 Chambers with Labeled Diagram

Cow Heart Anatomy

The cow heart anatomy comprises both external and internal essential features. It occupies the more significant part of the middle mediastinum space (thoracic cavity) of a cow. The shape of a cow heart is somewhat irregular and flattened cone (hollow muscular organ). For a veterinary student, it is essential to know the exact location of … Read more

How is Lymph Formed and Transported – Lymph Circulation Flow Chart

How is Lymph Formed

The lymph is a clear, colorless fluid in the lymph capillaries, vessels, trunk, ducts, and sinus of the lymph nodes. Its composition is similar to the plasma (with slight variation) and returns to normal blood circulation through the cranial vena cava. But how is lymph formed and transported into normal blood circulation? If you have … Read more

Fetal Circulation Flow Chart with Explanation

Fetal Circulation Flow Chart Diagram

Fetal circulation is somewhat different than the general blood circulation in the animal’s body. I will provide the fetal circulation flow chart diagram in this short article. Here, you will also find a concise explanation of this short fetal circulation flow from the foetus. Let’s see how fetal blood circulation differs from the normal blood … Read more