Esophagus Histology – Four Different Layers Description from Slide Pictures and Diagram

Esophagus histology

Esophagus is a long hollow muscular tube extending from pharynx to stomach in animal. In esophagus histology, you will find  all the layers of typical tubular organs of animal’s body. Hi dear anatomy learner, are you tired to find out the best guide to learn esophagus histology with slide images and labeled diagram? Don’t worry, … Read more

Tongue Histology – Connective Tissue and Taste Buds of Papillae

Tongue histology

Tongue is a muscular organ of animal and important for prehension, mastication and deglutination of food. In the tongue histology, you will find the skeletal muscle that covered by mucosa membrane. Again, the mucosa membrane consists of stratified squamous epithelial lining which may be keratinized or non-keratinized in different parts. I hope you are looking … Read more