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In this article I will discuss in details of gallbladder. I will provide lots of gallbladder histology diagram. Hope you will understand the basic layers of gallbladder histology.

I have a special gift for you and that is gallbladder histology drawing for you. You may follow it and do the same drawing for you. That will help you to learn gallbladder.

Do you interest to learn details about the layers of gallbladder histology? I would like to request you to read this gallbladder article until end. End of this article you will able to know the basic of gallbladder histology labeled.

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Gallbladder histology

Gallbladder is a hollow, pear shaped organs of digestive system of body. It attached to the lower surface of the liver. You should read this full article to know about the liver histology. This is the ultimate guide to learn normal liver histology in details.

Before to start I would like to provide the summary of this organ. I would like to enlist some structures from gallbladder. These structures should identify under the light microscope at laboratory. That will help you to get a primary idea about gallbladder.

  • #1. Simple columnar epithelium lining
  • #2. Mucosal flods
  • #3. Lamina propria
  • #4. Crypts or diverticuli
  • #5. Smooth muscle and elastic fiber at tunica muscularis
  • #6. Connective tissue and vessels (artery and vein)
  • #7. Serosa layer

You should find out these structures in the gallbladder histology. Gallbladder is a tubular or hallow organ.

You should have a basic idea about the histology of a tubular organ. You may know more about the histology of tubular organ in general at this article.

Structure of tubular organ

I would like to inform you the basic of tubular organ histology. There are four main layers of tubular wall. The layers of tubular organs are –

#1. Tunica mucosa

#2. Tunica submucosa layer

#3. Tunica muscularis layer and

#4. Tunica serosa or adventisia

In tunica mucosa you will find the following structures –

#1. Lining epithelium

#2. Lamina propria

#3. Lamina muscularis

In tunica submucosa of hallow organ histology you will find dense connective tissue. You will also found blood and lymph vessels in tunica submucosa.  

Tunica muscularis is the third layer of gallbladder. There are two or even more layers of circular or longitudinal muscle layers

Serosa is the outer layer of gallbladder.  You will find the thin layers of connective tissue layer. You will also find a simple squamous epithelium covering. This simple squamous epithelium covering is known as mesothelium. The adventia is the thin connective tissue layer without mesothelium covering.

Hope, you will learn details about the layers of tubular organs in details in other article.

Layers of gallbladder histology

In the gallbladder histology we will find the following layers –

#1. Tunica mucosa membrane or layer

#2. Propria submucosa membrane or layer

#3. Tunica muscularis membrane or layer

#4. Tunica serosa and tunica adventitia

Let’s discuss about the layers of gallbladder histology in details as possible –

Tunica mucosa membrane or layer

The important features of tunica mucosa membrane of gallbladder histology are –

# Presence of mucosal folds. This is sometime known as plicae. This fold is lined by simple columnar epithelium

# Presence of two types of columnar epithelium – light and dark types. The epithelium cell surface is covered by the microvilli

# Beside to the simple columnar epithelium cell you will also find the goblet cells in mucosa (in cow)

# Mucosal folds extends into a mucosal crypts. These crypts are the diverticulum of lining epithelium. Sometime this diverticulum gives impression of being gland

# The cells of the lining epithelium is supported by a lamina propria. It contains loose connective tissue with many small blood vessels.

# At the neck of gallbladder histology, you will find some simple tubuloaciner gland. These glands are responsible to produce small amount of mucus

Propria submucosa layer of gallbladder

The key features of the proria submucosa layer of gallbladder histology are –

# The next layer of tunica mucosa is called propria submucosa. The lamina muscularis layer is absent in gallbladder. To understand details you may read this article from this blog.

# In some species of animals, you will find the lymphatic nodule in propria submucosa layer. They may be finding in diffused or nodular arrangement.

# In ruminant, some glands are present in the propria submucosa layer of gallbladder

Tunica muscularis layer of gallbladder

The main features of tunica layer of gallbladder are –

# Presence of thin layer of smooth muscle cells in tunica muscularis. These muscles are generally courses in a circular direction

# In some species you may get these smooth muscle bundle in an oblique direction

# These smooth muscle bundle is supplied by both sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.

Tunica serosa and tunica adventitia layer of gallbladder

The main features of tunica serosa and tunica adventitia layer of gallbladder are –

# Presence of both serosa and adventitia layer in gallbladder

# Serosa membrane covers the most of the gallbladder. Here you will get the thin layer of connective tissue layers along with blood and lymph vessels. A simple squamous covering epithelium will find at serosa. This simple squamous covering is known as mesothelium.  

# Tunica adventitia is found in the area where this organ is attached with the liver. There you will find the thick connective tissue layer without the mesothelium lining

Hope, you could understand all the structures of gallbladder. Let’s watch this video or images to understand this organ’s histology.

Gallbladder histology diagram

I am going to provide a gallbladder histology diagram for your better understand. Let’s find all the structure and try to understand all the layers from gallbladder

This diagram of gallbladder histology is provided by the

Do you found missing any structure? Please let me inform in direct message or comment box. I will be happier for your great suggestion

Gallbladder histology drawing

Please try to perform it –

Histology of gallbladder drawing

Let’s find the drawing and try to do the same. I think you will do better than my drawing.

Other information about gallbladder

Do you want to know about the main function of gallbladder? If yes, then continue to read the following functions of gallbladder. I am going to enlist the main gallbladder functions –

#1. It is a store house of bile. Bile is produced by liver.

#2. It receives bile and processed this bile according to its concentration. Finally, it stored this bile for future uses

#3. The stored bile is delivered to duodenum through bile duct. This occurred in an effective and efficient ways. Thus the digestion of fat can be optimized


Hope, you got a better idea about the basic learn gallbladder histology. The gallbladder histology diagram, gallbladder histology drawing will help you to learn more.

You may practices and check your learning with the help of gallbladder ppt. Here, you will find the gallbladder histology labeled images. You will also get other slides for your practices.

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