Goat Muscle Anatomy – Identification of Animal Muscle Anatomy

Want to learn goat muscle anatomy with diagram? Identification of goat animal muscle anatomy is so simple.

In this article I am going to share the basic information about muscular system of a goat anatomy. I am very interest to enlist all the muscles of goat. After reading this article you will able to identify the goat muscle anatomy easily.

Hope you have a basic idea about goat skeleton anatomy. If you want to learn goat skeletal system then I have a simple guide for you. This will help you to understand the goat muscle anatomy easy.

I will also share a little information on dog anatomy muscles. You will get canine muscle anatomy chart at the end of this article. Hope, this will help you to learn dog musculoskeletal anatomy.

Let’s get into today’s topics – goat animal muscle anatomy with diagram.

Goat muscle anatomy

You should learn and identify the muscles of goat from the following region –

#1. Muscles of head region

#2. Muscles of neck, shoulder and thorax region

#3. Muscles of abdominal region

#4. Muscles of fore limb of goat

#5. Muscles of hind limb of goat

I will enlist the muscles of goat from different region of goat body anatomy with little description. You should learn details anatomy of each muscle from goat.

Let’s enlist the muscles of head region of goat.

Goat muscles anatomy form head region

Following are the important muscles of goat from head region –

#1. Orbicularis oculi muscle of goat

#2. Malaris muscle of goat

#3. Zygomaticus muscle of goat

#4. Masseter muscle of goat

#5. Buccinators muscle of goat

#6. Orbicularis oris muscle of goat

#7. Frontalis muscle of goat

#8. Mentalis muscle

#9. Levator nasolabialis muscle

#10. Levator labii maxillaris muscle

#11. Caninus muscle

#12. Depressor labii maxillaris

#13. Levator labii mandibularis

#14. Scutuloauricularis muscle

#15. Zygomaticoauricularis muscle

Let’s identify these goat muscle anatomy of head region form the picture.

Anatomy of masseter muscle

Masseter origins from fascial tuber, facial crest of zygomatic bone and ventral surface of zygomatic arch. It inserts on lateral surface of ramus of mandible.

Superficially it relates to skin, fascia, dorsal buccal and superficial temporal nerves. Deeply it relates with ramus of mandible and buccinators muscle.

Anatomy of buccinators muscle

Origins – from alveolar border of maxilla and mandible from the angle of mouth

Insertion – fibers bends with orbicularis oris at the lip angle

Superficially it relates with skin, fascia, zygomatic and masseter muscles. Deeply it relates with buccal mucosa.

Anatomy of mentalis muscle

Origin – each side of the body of mandibular symphysis. Mentalis muscle inserts to skin of chin.

Anatomy of malaris muscle

Origin – from fascial part of lacrimal bone

Insertion – buccal fascia in the region of dorsal border of buccinators muscle

Superficially it relates with skin, fascia, dorsal buccal gland and zygomaticus. Deeply it relates with maxilla, lacrimal bone and masseter muscle.

Goat muscle anatomy of neck, shoulder and thorax region

Let’s find the following important muscles of goat from neck, shoulder and thorax region –

#1. Brachiocephalicus muscle – it has two parts cleido occipitalis and cleido mastoids

#2. Omotransversarius muscle

#3. Sternocephalicus muscle – have two main parts – sternomandibularis and sternomastoideus muscles

#4. Sternothyrohyoideus muscle

#5. Omohyoideus

#6. Pectoralis muscle

#7. Trapezius (cervical and thoracic parts)

#8. Rhomboideus muscle

#9. Splenius muscle

#10. Seratus ventralis cervicis muscle

#11. Serratus ventralis thoracis of goat

#12. Latissimus dorsi of goat

#13. Longissimus dorsi muscle

#14. Longissimus costarum muscle

#15. Intercostal externi muscle

#16. Intercostal interni muscle

#17. Mylohyoides muscle

#18. Digastricus muscle

#19. Longus coli muscle

I am going to describe some important muscles from neck, shoulder and thorax region of goat.

Anatomy of Brachiocephalicus muscle

Origin – Cleido- occipitalis origins from the occipital bone and nuchal ligament. Cleido- mastoideus origins from mastoid process of pectoris part of temporal bone

Insertion – brachiocephalicus muscle inserts on crest of humerus, distal to deltoid tuberosity

Anatomy of Sternocephalicus muscle

Origin – sterno-mandibularis and sterno-mastoideus origin from manubrium of sternum and first costal cartilage.

Insertion – sterno-mandibularis inserts to ventral border of mandible. Sterno-mastoideus inserts on mastoid process of temporal bone.

Sternocephalicus muscle lies on deep surface of external jugular vein.

Anatomy of Trapezius muscle

Origin – from spine of all thoracic vertebrae and thoracolumbar fascia

Insertion – it inserts to scapular spine

Deeply this muscle relates with thoracolumbar fascia, latissimus dorsi, splenius muscles

I describe only the important goat muscle anatomy from different region. You should learn all muscles of goat with origin and insertion.

Goat abdominal muscles anatomy form abdominal region

It is so important to learn goat abdominal muscle anatomy in details. There are mainly four major abdominal muscles in goat –

#1. Obliquus externus abdominis muscle

#2. Obliquus internus abdominis muscle

#3. Transversus abdominis muscle and

#4. Rectus abdominis muscle

Anatomy of obliquus externus abdominis muscle

You will find the following anatomical features in obliqqus externus abdominis muscle in goat. Obliqqus externus abdominis muscle is irregular triangular in shaped. The fiber directed ventrally and caudally. Obliqqus externus muscle of goat origins from the caudal border and lateral surface of last eight ribs.

Insertion of obliqqus externus – linea alba and prepubic tendon

Anatomy of obliquus internus abdominis muscle

#1. Fiber is directed to ventrally and cranially

#2. Origins from tuber coxae and lumbodorsal fascia

#3. Insertion – at linea alba, prepubic tendon and caudal border of last rib

Anatomy of transverse abdominis muscle

The fiber of transverse abdominis muscle is directed transversely downward. The internal surface of transverse muscle attached to peritoneum. External surface of this muscle related to obliqqus and rectus abdominis muscles.

#1. Origin of transverse abdominis – from frist five lumbar transverse process and caudo medial surface of thirteenth rib

#2. Insertion of transverse abdominis – at linea alba and xiphoid cartilage

Anatomy of rectus abdomins muscle

Fiber of rectus abdominis muscle directed to cranial to caudal. It confined to the ventral abdominal wall of goat. It extends from sternum to pubis bone of got hip and forms two prepubic tendons.

Origin of rectus abdominis muscle – at leteral and vebtral surface of sternum bone

Insertion of rectus abdominis – at pubis and linea alba

Animal muscles anatomy from fore limb

You will find the following important muscles at the arm of goat –

Muscles at lateral aspect of arm

#1. Infraspinatus muscle

#2. Supraspinatus muscle

#3. Tensor fascia antebrachii muscles

#4. Tricepsbrachii – First part long head of triceps brachii muscle of goat

#5. Lateral head of triceps brachii muscle

#6. Deltoideus muscle

#7. Biceps brachii muscle

#8. Brachialis muscle

#9. Anconeus muscle

Anatomy of Biceps brachii muscle

Origin – it originated from supraglenoid tubercle of scapula

Insertion – it inserts on medial extremity of radius and cranial surface of radius bone

Biceps brachii relates with brachiocephalicus and brachialis laterally. Medially it relates with pectoralis muscle.

Anatomy of brachialis muscles of goat

Origin – it originated from proximal third of caudal third of humerus

Insertion – it inserts to medial surface of coronoid process of ulna bone

Deeply it relates with the musculospiral groove and cranial surface of elbow joint.

Anatomy of triceps brachii muscle of goat

The long head of triceps brachii muscle is almost triangular and the largest of these three parts. It originated from the caudal border of scapula. It inserts on lateral and caudal parts of olecranon process of ulna bone.

Lateral head of triceps is also triangular in shaped and originated from the cranio- lateral border of upper shaft of humerus. Medial head of triceps brachii originates from the medial surface of shaft of humerus bone.

Muscle at the medial aspect of arm of goat –

#1. Coracobrachialis muscle

#2. Subscapularis muscle

#3. Teres major muscle

#4. Medial head of triceps brachii

Anatomy of coracobrachialis muscle of goat

crocobrachialis muscles origins from corocoid process scapula . It inserts on teres tuberosity of humerus and cranial part of humerus bone.

Extensor group goat muscle anatomy of leg –

#1. Extensor carpi radialis muscle

#2. Abductor digit I longus

#3. Extensor digitorum communis

#4. Extensor digit III

#5. Extensor digito-rum lateralis muscle of goat

#6. Ulnaris lateralis muscle

Flexor group goat muscle anatomy of leg –

#1. Flexor carpi radialis muscle

#2. Flexor carpi ulnaris

#3. Flexor digitorum profundus muscles of goat

#4. Flexor digitorum superficialis muscle

#5. Deep digital flexor muscle

Animal muscles anatomy from hind limb

Goat muscle anatomy at lateral aspect of thigh –

#1. Tesor fascia lata muscle

#2. Medial gluteus muscle

#3. Depp gluteus muscle

#4. Biceps femoris muscle

#5. Semitendinosus muscle

#6. Semimembranosus muscle

#7. Gemellus muscle

#8. Quadratus femoris muscle

#9. Quadriceps femoris – it has four parts

1.Rectus femoris part

2.Vastus lateralis part

3.Vastus intermedius part and

4.Vastus medialis part

Anatomy of tensor fascia lata of goat

Origin – it originates from coxal tuber and inserts on patella and tibia bones.

Semitendinosus muscle originates from caudoventral surface of ischiatic tuber and inserts on proximal aspect of tibia bone.

Semimembranosus muscle originates from ventral surface of tuber ischia and inserts on medial condyle of femur bone.

Muscles of goat at the medial aspect of thigh –

#1. Sartorius muscle

#2. Adductor muscle

#3. Gracialis muscle

Extensor group muscles of goat at leg region –

#1. Tibialis cranialis muscle

#2. Fibularis tertius muscle

#3. Fibularis longus muscle

#4. Extensor digitorum lateralis

Flexor group goat muscle anatomy from leg –

#1. Flexor digitorum profundus muscles of goat

#2. Gastrocnemius muscle of goat

#3. Soleus muscle of goat

#4. Popliteus muscle

Anatomy of gastrocnemius muscle of goat

Gastrocnemius is a bulky muscle located behind the upper part of tibia bone in goat. It has two head – lateral head and medial head.

The lateral head originates from lateral supracondyloid tuberosity. Medial head originates from from medial epicondyle of femur and medial supracondyloid tuberosity.

Both the lateral and medial head inserts on calcaneal tuber bone in goat.

Animal muscle anatomy

You should know the other animal muscle anatomy.

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#2. Muscles of dog

#3. Muscles of cat

#4. Muscles of bird

Dog anatomy muscles

Dog anatomy muscles are differing from the muscles of goat. They are very strong and heavy muscles than goat. I have a simple canine muscle anatomy chart for you.


Muscles of goat are important to learn goat anatomy. Hope you learn goat muscle anatomy with different labeled pictures. If you want to learn more about muscular system of a goat let me inform.

Do you have any inquiries on goat muscle anatomy? You should also learn the dog anatomy muscles. Let’s find canine muscle anatomy chart at here.

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