Duck Anatomy – External and Internal Features with Labeled Diagram

External duck anatomy labeled diagram

You may consider the duck as the happiest poultry species on the planet. The duck has excellent value to its owner as a source of eggs and meat. As a poultry keeper and a veterinary student, you might know the fundamentals of duck anatomy.  Excellent, here I will show you both the external and internal organs anatomy … Read more

Chicken Anatomy – Features of External and Internal Organs

Chicken anatomy diagram

The external and internal anatomy of a chicken is somewhat different compared to mammals. Therefore, you might get interested to know the unique features of chicken anatomy. In this article, I will discuss the peculiar anatomical facts from different organ systems of a chicken.  First, I will show you the external anatomical features of a chicken with a … Read more

Bird Skull – 5+ Amazing Anatomical Features in Bird Head Bones

Bird Skull Anatomy

Do you want to learn about bird skull? In this article I am going to discuss on bird skull anatomy. I will also provide bird skull bone identification diagram. You will get little information from bird skeleton labeled anatomy. After reading this article you will able to learn anatomy of bird skull bones. You may … Read more

Avian Osteology – 9+ Amazing Facts You Should Know

Avian osteology

Do you want to learn about avian osteology?   Thanks for choosing anatomylearn to learn bird skeletal anatomy. In this article I will discuss on avian osteology. There are 9+ amazing facts that you should know about bird skeleton. Here, I am going to focus on bird bone identification. If possible I will try to … Read more