Dog Humerus Bone Anatomy

Dog humerus anatomy

The dog humerus bone anatomy comprises a long shaft and proximal and distal extremities. Here, the proximal extremity of the dog humerus consists of the head, neck, and tubercles. Again, the distal extremity contains condyles, crest, and fossa. Some important muscles of the dog thoracic limb originate or insert on the dog’s humerus bone. This … Read more

Dog Scapula Anatomy – Features of Scapular Bone and Muscles

Dog scapula

The dog scapula is a large, flat, and triangular bone of the shoulder girdle. In the anatomy of the dog scapula, you might learn the various osteological features from the different surfaces, borders, and angles. This article might help you to learn the details of the dog scapula bone anatomy and muscles that attach to … Read more

Dog Tail Anatomy – Bone, Muscle, and Median Caudal Artery with Labeled Diagram

Dog tail anatomy bone and muscle

The dog tail anatomy includes the anatomical facts of bone, muscle, artery, and nerve. As a veterinary practitioner, you might have a good piece of knowledge on the anatomy of a dog tail for further surgical intervention. Here, I will show you all the anatomical facts of the dog tail (including bones, muscles, arteries, veins, and nerves) with the … Read more

Dog Skeleton Anatomy with Labeled Diagram

Dog skeleton anatomy

The dog skeleton anatomy consists of bones, cartilages, and ligaments. You will find two different parts of the dog skeleton – axial and appendicular. Here, I will show you all the bones from the axial and appendicular skeleton with their special osteological features.  Again, I will provide more labeled diagrams for each dog skeleton bone. This article … Read more

Dog Neck Anatomy – Bones, Muscle, Glands, Veins, and Other Organs with Labeled Diagram

Dog neck anatomy diagram

The dog neck anatomy consists of bones, muscles, glands, blood vessels, lymph nodes, and other essential organs. It is very common to find different injuries in the dog’s neck bones, muscles, and subcutaneous tissue. Again, you may find severe obstruction in the neck (in the esophagus or trachea) of a dog.  As a veterinarian, you might handle … Read more

Cow Skull Anatomy – Osteological Features of Cranial and Facial Bones of Ruminant Skulls

Cow skull anatomy labeled

The cow skull anatomy comprises cranial and facial bones. Most of these bones are irregular in shape and united immovably with the help of sutures (except the mandible). You will find some paired bones and single bones in the cow skull anatomy.  The cranial bones of the cow or ox skull from the cranial cavity accommodate the brain, different … Read more