Goat Pe-inis – Details Anatomical Features of Copulatory Organ

Do you want to learn about goat pe-nis anatomy?

In this article I am going to discuss on labeled anatomy of goat pe-nis. I will also provide goat reproductive anatomy diagram.

You will get little information about dog pen-(is) anatomy and goat pen-is muscle anatomy. After reading this article you will able to understand external anatomy of goat. You will also learn about female goat anatomy here.  

I have a special gift for you – goat reproductive system pdf at the end of the article. If you have interest to learn goat pen-is anatomy then please continue.  Okay, let’s learn male goat anatomy together.

Goat reproductive anatomy

Hope you have an idea about bull reproductive anatomy diagram. Want to memorize important anatomical features of bull reproductive system? Well, let’s read this article related to bull testi-cle anatomy.

These anatomical features are almost similar with goat reproductive anatomy.

Goat pen-(is) anatomy

I would like to provide the important structure list that you should identify practically from goat pen-is –

#1. Cylindrical pen-is

#2. Root of pen-is

#3. Body of pen-(is

#4. Glans of pen-(is

#5. Urethral process

#6. Ischiocavernosus muscle

#7. Bulbospongiosus muscle

#8. Retractor pen-(is muscle

#9. Fossa glandis (in horse pe-(nis)

#10. Bulbus glandis (in dog pen-(is)

#11. Os peni-es (in dog pen-(is)

#12. Sigmoid flexure

Please find these structures in the anatomy of pen-(is) diagram.

Male goat pen-(is) anatomy

Pen-is is the copulatory organ in goat reproductive anatomy. It is cylindrical and composed of three different erectile tissue. The erectile tissues are corpis cavernosum and corpus spongiosum muscles.

Pen-is originated at ischial arch and passes umbilical region. It is located in a cutaneous pouch at pre scrotal portion.

In normal condition it is free in prepuce. But when erect it increase double or more in length.

Let’s talk about the main anatomical features of goat pe-(nis). You may find almost same anatomical features in other animal. There are some differences what I will enlist at the end of this article.

The pe-nis of animal is divided into three parts and they are  –

 #1. Root of pen-is

#2. Body of pen-is

#3. Glans of pen-is

Want to learn anatomical features of goat pen-is in details?

Root of goat pen-is

The root begins at ischial arch of pubis bone. It passes between two crura that originated from lateral part of ischial arch.

Ischiocavernosus muscle covers the root of goat pen-is. This muscle is one kind of erectile tissue.

You will find urethra at the root of pen-is. It passes between the two crura of pen-is.

Body of goat pen-is

The body of pen-is is the largest part of goat copulatory organ. It originated at the junction of two crura of pen-is. Body extends up to the glans of pen-is.

Body attached to ischial symphysis by two strong flat ligaments. The name of these ligaments is suspensory ligaments of pe-nis.

There is presence of sigmoid flexure in goat pe-nis. Do you know what sigmoid flexure is? It is a S shaped curve located caudal to scroetuem.

This sigmoid flexure passes between spermatid cords at the base of the screotuem along mid ventral abdomen.

About 30 to 40 centimeter of pen-is remain folded in the sigmoid flexure.

Glans of goat pen-is

This is the free conical end of pen-is. It is made with non-erectile tissue. The glans of peni-s is flattening dorso-ventrally.

The free end of pen-(is covered by cutaneous pouch knows as prepuce. This prepuce extends from scroteum to umbilicus.

Want to know more about prepuce of goat? Fine, let’s find the information of prepuce at the end of this article.

The glans of goat peni-s is slightly twisted. There is a groove at the tip of the glans. The external urethral orifice located at the end of this groove.

The urethral process in goat is long and twisted. But you will not find this feature in other animals.

Goat pen-is muscle anatomy

There are three major muscles in goat pe-nis –

#1. Ischiocavernosus muscle

#2. Bulbospongiosus muscle and

#3. Retractor pe-nis muscle

Another name of ischiocavernosus muscle is erector of pen-is muscle. It is so strong paired muscles.

Erector of peni-s muscle arise from ischiatic tuber and adjacent of broad sacrotuberal ligament. It ends on the crus and the body of pen-is.

Do you know the function of ischiocavernosus muscle?

It pull pe-nis against pelvic. This muscle also assists in producing and maintaining erection of pe-nis. It helps to compress the dorsal vein of pe-nis.

Bulbo spongiosus muscle is the continuation of urethralis muscle. It extends from ischial arch to glands pe-nis.

This muscle is bulky at the root and then it diminishes. Please find out the muscle from goat pen-is muscle anatomy diagram.

Retractor pen-is muscles arise from the ventral aspect of the first and second coccygeal vertebrae. It passes ventrally by the side of receteum.

It lies in a groove on either side of bulbo sponsgiosus muscle.

The fibers of retractor pe-nis muscle pass between the layers of bulbo spnosgiosus muscle. They form a bundle on either side of ventral curve of sigmoid flexure.

These muscles pass forward along the ventral surface of the body. Finally it terminates at the lateral aspect of the body of pen-is at the second curve of the sigmoid flexure.

Want to know about the blood supply and nerve supply of pen-(is?

Blood is supplied by three arteries to pen-(is –

#1. Internal pudental artery

#2. Obturator artery

#3. External pudental artery

Dorsal artery is the branches of internal pudental artery. You may learn more about vein and artery at in this blog.

Nerve supply by branches of pelvic plexus

Prepuce of pen-(is)

Prepuce is the double inva(g)zi-neation of skin. Another name of prepuce is sheath. It covers the free pat of pe-nis.

Prepuce has two parts –

#1. External part and

#2. Internal part

The external part of pe-nis extends from scroteum to umbilicus. It reflects dorsally and caudally. External prepuce forms a thick margin of preputial orifice.

Anatomy of pen-is in different animals

Anatomy of dog p-enis

I would like to provide the special anatomical features of dog pe-nis.

#1. The sigmoid flexure is absent in dog pe-nis.

#2. There is presence of os pe-nis in dog p-enis. Do you know what the os pe-nis is? At the cranial part of pe-nis there is a bone that embedded along the length the length of pe-nis.

#3. There is a bulbus glandis. This is an enlarge caudal part of glans pen-is

#4. At the tip of the glans, there is external urethral orifice

Anatomy of horse pen-is

#1. Sigmoid flexure is absent

#2. Horse pen-is is thicker than other’s pen-is

#3. There is corona glandis in horse pe-nis. This a thick border at the base of the glands pen-is of horse

#4. You will find fossa glandis and urethral sinus in horse glans pe-nis.

Sigmoid flexure is also found in the pe-nis of bull, boar, deer, sheep and other ruminant.

The copulatory organ of bird is located at the ventral aspect of the caudal end of cloaca. Do you want to know more about copulatry organ of bird? You may know more about bird’s copulatry organ at here.

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