Fibrocartilage Histology and Difference among Three Types of Cartilage

Fibro cartilage histology

Fibrocartilage is a special type of connective tissue intermediate between dense connective tissue and hyaline cartilage. In fibrocartilage histology, you will find the bundle of dense collagen fibers with a chain of chondrocytes.  Hi dear histology learner, welcome back again to anatomylearner, and thanks for getting into this article – fibrocartilage histology with labeled diagram and slide … Read more

Elastic Cartilage Histology – Cells and Matrix from Microscope Slide

elastic cartilage histology

If you want to learn cartilage histology, you might know about the histology of hyaline cartilage, elastic cartilage, and fibroealstic cartilage. I have published an article related to the histological features of hyaline cartilage previously. Today, I will describe elastic cartilage histology with slide images.  Hello, welcome back again to anatomlearner, and thank you so much for getting … Read more

Hyaline Cartilage Histology – Description of Cells, Matrix and Slide Identification

hyaline cartilage histology

Cartilage is specialized for the supportive role in the animal’s body that contains chondrocytes, a supportive framework of collagen or elastic fibres and firm but pliable ground substances. You know, there are three different types of cartilage based on the structural basis of matrix – hyaline, elastic and fibroelastic cartilage. This post will describe the … Read more