Salivary Gland Histology – Parotid Submandibular and Sublingual Glands Structure

Salivary gland histology

You know, gland is an organ of secretion made of specialized secretory cells that is derived from the surface epithelium on which it opens. There are different types of gland like exocrine, endocrine, serous and others in the animal body. These glands of animal body are classified based on different criteria. In this article I … Read more

Mammary Gland Histology – Lactating and Non lactating Histological Characteristics

Mammary gland histology

Mammary gland is the modified apocrine sweat gland become functional and undergo development at puberty in female animal. In the mammary gland histology, you will find the connective tissue stroma and parenchyma like other different glands. Hi, do you want to learn the histology of  mammary gland with slide pictures and labeled diagram with anatomy … Read more