Metacarpal Bone of Ox – Details Anatomy and Differentiation from Metatarsal

Metacarpal bone of ox

There are two metacarpal bones in ox and they are small metacarpal and large metacarpal bone. You will find variation in number of metacarpal bone in different animals. Hello, welcome back and thanks for getting into this article at anatomy learner. If you are looking for the complete anatomy of metacarpal bone of ox then … Read more

Tibia and Fibula of Ox – Osteological Features of Leg Bones of Animal

Tibia and fibula of ox

Tibia and fibula of ox are the strong and massive bone of ox skeleton. The tibia and fibula of ox are two separate bones where the proximal end of fibula is fused with the lateral condyle of tibia bone. Hey, do you want to learn anatomical features of tibia and fibula of ox? If you … Read more