Tibia and Fibula of Ox – Osteological Features of Leg Bones of Animal

Tibia and fibula of ox

Tibia and fibula of ox are the strong and massive bone of ox skeleton. The tibia and fibula of ox are two separate bones where the proximal end of fibula is fused with the lateral condyle of tibia bone. Hey, do you want to learn anatomical features of tibia and fibula of ox? If you … Read more

Radius and Ulna of Ox – Complete Guide to Learn Osteological Features of Radius Bone of Animal

Radius and ulna of ox

The radius and ulna of ox are fused bones with each other. But you should identify the osteological features of radius and ulna bones separately. The radius bone of ox is larger than the ulna bone. Hey, thank you and welcome to anatomylearner. If you looking for a complete guide to learn osteological features of … Read more