Uterus Histology – Histological Features of Endometrium Myometrium and Perimetrium

Uterus histology

Uterus is the site of implantation of conceptus and undergoes a definite sequence of change during estrous and reproductive cycle. In uterus histology you will find three defined layers – mucosa submucosa (endometrium), muscularis (myometrium) and serosa (perimetrium). Hi dear, do you looking for the best guide to learn uterus histology with slide pictures and … Read more

Peni Histology – Histological Features of Erectile Tissue

Peni histology

In pen-is histology you should describe the erectile tissue histology, urethra and glans pen-is. The erectile tissue consists of the corpus cavernosum peni-s and corpus spnogiosum pen-is. The corpus spongiosum pen-is muscle actually surrounds the spongiose urethra in animal pen-is. Hey, do you want to learn the peni-(es) histology from different animals? Well, you are … Read more