Dog Cervical Vertebrae Anatomy – Canine Atlas and Axis with Diagram

Dog Cervical Vertebrae Anatomy (Atlas) with Labeled Diagram

The dog cervical vertebrae form the basis of its neck. These cervical vertebrae are somewhat different from these of the ruminant or equine. Quick summary of a dog’s cervical vertebrae: there are 7 cervical vertebrae in a dog where the first 2 (atlas and axis) are highly modified in their conformity. The third, fourth, and … Read more

Dog Spleen Anatomy – Location, Normal Size, and Shape with Diagram

Dog Spleen Anatomy

The dog spleen anatomy consists of 2 extremities, surfaces, and borders. These extremities, surfaces, and borders of the dog spleen possess different structures that make it unique. You will see a significant variation in the shape and location of the dog spleen compared to the ruminant. In this article, I will show (with a picture) … Read more