Dog Mammary Gland Anatomy – Numbers, Name, and Location of Canine Mamma

Dog Mammary Gland Anatomy Location with Diagram

The dog mammary gland anatomy consists of glandular tissue and papilla. You will find a significant variation in the number and distribution of dog mammae compared to cows and goats. Here, I will show you the basic anatomical features of the dog’s mammary glands with a labeled diagram. You will also know the exact location … Read more

Dog Ovary Anatomy – Shape, Size, Location, and Ligament with Diagram

Dog Ovary Anatomy - Location, Shape , and Ligaments

The dog ovary anatomy shows distinct surfaces, borders, extremities, and ligaments. You will also see the defined medulla and cortex in the ovary of a dog which possesses different structures and features. But, the location and structure of the dog’s ovary may vary with cows. The location of the canine ovary is significant as you … Read more

Fetal Circulation Flow Chart with Explanation

Fetal Circulation Flow Chart Diagram

Fetal circulation is somewhat different than the general blood circulation in the animal’s body. I will provide the fetal circulation flow chart diagram in this short article. Here, you will also find a concise explanation of this short fetal circulation flow from the foetus. Let’s see how fetal blood circulation differs from the normal blood … Read more

Dog Kidney Anatomy – Right and Left Canine Kidneys Location with Diagram

Dog Kidney Anatomy

The dog kidney anatomy consists of a capsule, hilus, and parenchyma. Here, the capsule is a thin fibrous covering at the outer surface of the canine kidney. You will find the hilus in the medial border of each kidney of the dog. The hilus of the dog’s kidney comprises the renal vein, artery, and ureter. … Read more