Horse Hoof Anatomy – Wall, Sole, and Frog Parts with Diagram

horse hoof anatomy diagram

The horse hoof is the hard covering of the distal end of each digit. If you are a veterinary student, horse physician, or horse owner, you might know the horse hoof anatomy. It is essential for hoof trimming and shoeing purposes.  In this short article, I will discuss the horse hoof anatomy with diagrams and natural pictures. I … Read more

Horse Skeleton Anatomy – Osteological Features of Bones from Equine Skeletal System

Horse skeleton diagram

The horse skeleton is the rigid framework of the body that consists of bones, cartilages, and ligaments. There are two hundred and five bones found in horse skeleton. In this long article, I will discuss the osteological features of all bones from the horse skeleton anatomy labeled diagram.  I will also try to cover all possible inquiries on the horse … Read more

Horse Stomach Anatomy and Labeled Diagrams

Equine stomach anatomy diagram

The stomach of a horse is the large dilation of the alimentary canal just caudal to the diaphragm. In this short article, I will discuss the horse stomach anatomy with a labeled diagram. So, here you will get all the external and internal features from equine stomach anatomy. Again, I will try to cover all the inquiries … Read more

Horse Anatomy – Complete Guide to Learn Anatomical Features from Equine Organs Systems

Equine anatomy

As a veterinary student, you might know the horse anatomy as well as the ruminant. In this long article, I will discuss horse anatomy in a little. It is not possible to describe all the anatomical features of the horse body in one article. I will try to cover a horse’s most important anatomical features from different organ systems.  … Read more