Intramembranous Ossification Process with Diagrams

Process of ossification

Intramembranous ossification is the process of bone formation directly from mesenchyme. In this guide, I will discuss the steps or process of intramembranous ossification with a labeled diagram.  If you are interested in learning the process of intramembranous ossification in detail, you may continue this guide.  You will also know about the term – ossification center, osteoid, and mineralization here in this guide. After completing … Read more

Spongy Bone Histology – Bony Trabeculae and Marrow Space Structure

Spongy bone histology

In the last article, I described the compact bone histology with labeled diagram and real slide pictures. This short article will describe the spongy bone histology and labeled diagram and real slide pictures.  Hey there, welcome back again to anatomy learner and thank you so much for getting into this article. If you continue to learn the bone … Read more

Compact Bone Histology – Circumferential, Interstitial and Haversian System

Compact bone histology

Bone is a special connective tissue that contains cells, fibres, ground substances and inorganic bone salts. In bone, you will find two types of substances – compact and spongy substances. In this short article, I am going to describe compact bone histology with a labelled diagram.  Hello dear anatomy lover, do you want to learn the details histology … Read more