Dense Irregular Connective Tissue – Description of Histology from Slide

Dense irregular connective tissue diagram

Dense connective tissue is white that has less flexibility and far more resistant to stress. You know, dense connective tissue divides into dense regular connective tissue and dense irregular connective tissue based on fibers orientation.  Hey, if you want to learn the basic histology of dense connective tissue, you might know the histology of dense irregular connective tissue. … Read more

Loose Connective Tissue – Types, Histology and Slide Identification

Loose connective tissue histology

Connective tissue is the fundamental tissue that provides structural and mechanical support to other tissues and organs of an animal’s body. Based on the variation of quantity and arrangement of fibers within the matrix, the ideal connective tissue is classified into two main types – loose connective tissue and dense connective tissue.  Hey, do you love to … Read more