Cat Paw Anatomy – Bone, Muscle, and Digital Pad

Cat paw anatomy with labeled diagram

There are 4 paws in a cat that contains 18 claws altogether. In the cat paw anatomy, you will learn the bones, muscles, vessels, and digital pad structures in detail. I will show you all the cat paw pad anatomy structures with a diagram from both front and hind legs.  Again, I will show you the difference between the … Read more

Dog Leg Anatomy with Labeled Diagram – Bones, Joints, Muscles and Vessels

Dog leg anatomy labeled diagram

Most first-year veterinary students have a misconception of the term “leg.” Anatomically, the term leg means the part of the hind limb that extends from the stiffle joint to the hock joint (knee to ankle or tibia and fibula bones region). This short post will try to cover the dog leg anatomy in detail with labeled diagrams.  … Read more

Cat Skeleton Anatomy with Labeled Diagram

Cat skeleton anatomy diagram

The skeleton of all mammals, including the cat, supports the body and protects the deeper soft tissue structure. There are not so many differences found in the cat skeleton compare to the dog. In this article, I will discuss the osteological features of bones from cat skeleton anatomy.  If you a beginner in learning veterinary anatomy, you may … Read more