Spinal Cord Histology – Gray and White Matter Features with Identification Points

Spinal cord histology

Hello dear anatomy learner, do you want to identify spinal cord histology slide under light microscope? Great, in this article I am going to discuss on the histological structure of spinal cord along with their identification points. I will show you the most important histological structures from spinal cord histology slide with real images and … Read more

Retina Histology – 10 Layers Description with Labeled Diagram

Retina histology

Retina is the innermost part of eyeball in animal. In retina histology, you will find the photosensitive optic part of retina and that is principally composed of two different layers. These main two layers are pigment epithelium and nervous layer of retina in animal. Hey there, do you want to learn retina histology with different … Read more

Cerebrum Histology – 6 Different Layers with Labeled Diagram

Cerebrum histology

Cerebrum of animal’s normal brain is composed of paired cerebral hemispheres. In the cerebrum histology you will find the outer gray matter (cerebral cortex) and inner white matter (known as cerebral medulla). Hi there, do you want to learn layers of cerebrum histology with slide images and labeled diagram? Fine, I am here to help … Read more

Cerebellum Histology – Histological Structure of Cerebellar Cortex

Cerebellum histology

Cerebellum histology consists of outer gray matter and inner white matter in different animals. The outer gray matter of cerebellum found mainly the covering surface and known as cortex of cerebellum. On the other hand, white matter found in the central part of cerebellum and known as medulla of cerebellum. Hey, do you looking for … Read more