Urinary Bladder Histology with Microscopic Slide Image and Labeled Diagram

Urinary bladder histology slide images

The urinary bladder is a muscular sac-like structure that temporarily stores urine and discharges out prediocally through the urethra. In the urinary bladder histology, you will find three or four defined coats like the tubular organs. Here, I will show you all the layers from the urinary bladder histology slide with microscopic images.  You will also get information on … Read more

Kidney Histology – Nephron Renal Corpuscle and Renal Tubules Structure

Kidney histology

Kidney is the organ of urinary system and involves in production of urine in animal that conveyed by the ureters to the urinary bladder. In kidney histology, you will find the outer darker cortex and inner lighter staining medulla. Hi there, welcome back again and thanks for getting into this article – kidney histology with … Read more

Ureter Histology – Complete Guide to Learn Layers of Ureters with Labeled Diagram

Ureter histology

Do you want to learn the ureter histology with anatomy learner? In ureter histology you will find three major layers under the light microscope. You know the ureter is a muscular tube like structure and convey urine from the renal pelvis of each kidney to the urinary bladder. The peristaltic movement of smooth muscles layers … Read more