Parts of a Dog – External Body Features of Dogs with Diagram

Body parts of a dog

As a veterinary student or animal lover, it is very important to know the different body parts of a dog. Though it is a very basic topic, it is great for a veterinarian to describe a dog’s conformation. Here, I will discuss the external parts of a dog and their functions with a diagram.  Again, I will show you … Read more

Dog Mouth Anatomy – Lip, Cheek, Oral cavity, and Salivary Glands with Diagram

Dog mouth anatomy

The dog mouth anatomy includes the lip, oral cavity, and associated structures. But, the term mouth includes only the opening between the lips into the vestibule of the oral cavity. Here, I will describe the anatomy of the dog’s mouth, including the lips and different parts of the oral cavity, with a labeled diagram.  So, after reading this … Read more

Dog Pelvis Anatomy – Male and Female Pelvic Limb Bone, Muscles, and Vessels

Dog pelvis anatomy

The dog pelvis anatomy includes the hip bones, sacrum, muscles, organs, and other associated structures. It is so difficult to explain the detailed anatomical facts of every single part of the dog pelvis in a single article. But, I will try to summarize the basic structures from the dog pelvis with a labeled diagram.  I will show … Read more

Dog Teeth Anatomy – How Many Teeth do Dogs have

Dog teeth anatomy

The dog teeth anatomy is a highly specialized structure compared to the ruminants. You will find four different types of teeth in a dog – Incisor, canine, premolar, and molar. The number of dog teeth also vary (generally 42) in the different breed. Here, I will show you the anatomical facts of dog teeth with a labeled … Read more

Dog Tongue Anatomy with Labeled Diagram – Muscles, Papillae, Glands, Veins, and Nerves

Dog tongue anatomy

The dog tongue anatomy consists primarily of skeletal muscle, mucous membrane, glands, vessels, and nerves. You will find different important anatomical facts on the mucous membrane of a dog tongue. This article will show you the anatomy of dog tongue muscles, mucous membrane, glands, vessels, and nerves in detail.  Again, you will find the detailed anatomical facts of different … Read more

Dog Tail Anatomy – Bone, Muscle, and Median Caudal Artery with Labeled Diagram

Dog tail anatomy bone and muscle

The dog tail anatomy includes the anatomical facts of bone, muscle, artery, and nerve. As a veterinary practitioner, you might have a good piece of knowledge on the anatomy of a dog tail for further surgical intervention. Here, I will show you all the anatomical facts of the dog tail (including bones, muscles, arteries, veins, and nerves) with the … Read more