Dog Skull Anatomy – Peculiar Features of Canine skull Bones

Dog skull bones anatomy

The different breeds of dogs have a significant variation in the forms and size of their skull. Sometimes, you may find a long and narrow skull or find a broad and short skull in a different breed of dogs. This short article will show you the different bones from dog skull anatomy and their description.  I will … Read more

Horse Hoof Anatomy – Wall, Sole, and Frog Parts with Diagram

horse hoof anatomy diagram

The horse hoof is the hard covering of the distal end of each digit. If you are a veterinary student, horse physician, or horse owner, you might know the horse hoof anatomy. It is essential for hoof trimming and shoeing purposes.  In this short article, I will discuss the horse hoof anatomy with diagrams and natural pictures. I … Read more

Horse Skeleton Anatomy – Osteological Features of Bones from Equine Skeletal System

Horse skeleton diagram

The horse skeleton is the rigid framework of the body that consists of bones, cartilages, and ligaments. There are two hundred and five bones found in horse skeleton. In this long article, I will discuss the osteological features of all bones from the horse skeleton anatomy labeled diagram.  I will also try to cover all possible inquiries on the horse … Read more

Pig Skeleton Anatomy with Labeled Diagram

Pig skeleton

As a veterinary student, you might learn the details anatomical facts of the pig skeletal system. There are few osteological differences in domestic and wild pig skeletons. In this article, I will describe osteological features of different bones from pig skeleton.  I will try to cover all the exceptional characteristics of pig bones with a labeled diagram. … Read more

Types of Bones in the Body with Labeled Diagram

Types of bones in the body

Bones are the principal component of an animal’s skeleton. You will find different types of bones in a skeleton. In this article, I will discuss the different types of bones from animal skeleton with labeled diagrams.  Last few days ago, I got several inquiries on the classification of bones. It is essential and the basic needs for any anatomy … Read more

Goat Skeleton Anatomy – Skull Forelimb and Hindlimb Bones

Goat skeleton anatomy

Skeleton is the framework of rigid structures that support and protect the soft organs of the animal’s body. Goat skeleton anatomy is primarily divided into the axial and appendicular subdivision. In this article, I will show you the different peculiar osteological features of goat skeleton. Hi, do you love to learn goat skeletal system anatomy? There is a … Read more