Animal Vertebrae Identification – Anatomy of Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebra

Animal vertebrae

According to the different body regions, animal vertebrae are classified into cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum and caudal vertebrae. In this article, I will show you the animal vertebrae identification with labeled images.  Hi there, welcome back to anatomy learner and thanks for getting into this animal vertebrae identification article (animal bone identification). If you want to know how to identify … Read more

Typical Vertebra of Ox – The Body, Arch and Processes Anatomy

Typical vertebra

Features of a typical verterba are so important for further study and identification of animal vertebrae from different region. In a typical vertebra structure you will find the body, arch and processes. Dear anatomy lover, welcome back again to anatomy learner and thank you so much for getting into this article. If you love to … Read more

Radius and Ulna of Ox – Complete Guide to Learn Osteological Features of Radius Bone of Animal

Radius and ulna of ox

The radius and ulna of ox are fused bones with each other. But you should identify the osteological features of radius and ulna bones separately. The radius bone of ox is larger than the ulna bone. Hey, thank you and welcome to anatomylearner. If you looking for a complete guide to learn osteological features of … Read more

Humerus of Ox – The Complete Guide to Learn Humerus Bone Anatomy

Humerus of ox

The arm of ox consists of humerus bone. Are you looking for the complete guide to learn humerus of ox anatomy? It’s not so hard to learn humerus anatomy of ox. In this article I am going to share humerus bone anatomy of ox. I will provide a simple guide so that you may learn … Read more

Avian Osteology – 9+ Amazing Facts You Should Know

Avian osteology

Do you want to learn about avian osteology?   Thanks for choosing anatomylearn to learn bird skeletal anatomy. In this article I will discuss on avian osteology. There are 9+ amazing facts that you should know about bird skeleton. Here, I am going to focus on bird bone identification. If possible I will try to … Read more

Scapula of Ox – The Ultimate Guide to Learn Scapular Anatomy of Animal

Scapula of ox

Do you want to know about scapula of ox? If yes then you are in the right place where you will get the ultimate guide to know the anatomy of scapula of cattle. Here in this article I will try to cover the scapular anatomy of different animals. After reading this article you will able … Read more