Pituitary Gland Histology with Identification Points under Light Microscope

Pituitary gland histology

In pituitary gland histology of animal, you will find the adenohypophysis and neurohypophysis parts. You might identify the different cells and structures from the adenophpophysis and neurohypophysis of pituitary gland slide under light microscope. Hi, do you want to identify the pituitary gland histology slide under light microscope? In this article I am going to … Read more

Thymus Histology – Normal Features Identification and Real Slide Pictures

Thymus histology

Thymus of animal is a central lymphoid organ which is essential for the growth and development of other lymphoid organs. In thymus histology you will find the dark staining outer cortex and light staining inner medulla.  Hi, do you want to identify normal thymus histology slide under the light microscope with proper identifying characteristics? In … Read more

Pancreas Histology – Identifying Features with Labeled Slide Images

Pancreas histology

In pancreas histology of animal, you will find the both endocrine and exocrine parts. The exocrine part forms the major portion of pancreas and consists of closely packed serous acini with zymogenic cells. Again, the endocrine part consists of pancreatic islets of Langerhans which is located within the masses of serous acini. Hi, do you … Read more

Fallopian Tube Histology – Histological Features of Uterine Tube in Animal with Real Slide and Labeled Diagram

Fallopian tube histology

In fallopian tube histology, you will find little variation in the different parts of fallopian tube of animal. It is so easy to describe the basic histology of fallopian tube of animal if you have the knowledge of general organizational pattern of any tubular organ. Hello dear, do you want to learn the fallopian tube … Read more

Ovary Histology – Ovarian Follicles, Corpus Luteum with Labeled Diagram and Slide Images

Ovary histology

In ovary histology, you will find an outer cortex and inner medulla in most of the animal except horse. Ovary is an ovoid structure and is a combined exocrine and endocrine gland in female. It produces both the ova and ovarian hormones – estrogen and progesterone. Hey, do you looking for the best guide to … Read more

Adrenal Gland Histology – Histological Features of Cortex and Medulla with Labeled Slide Diagram

Adrenal gland histology

In adrenal gland histology you will find an outer cortex and inner medulla in animals. Adrenal gland are paired and located near the upper pole of kidney embedding in adipose tissue. Hi anatomy learner, if you are looking for the best guide to learn adrenal gland histology with different labeled slide and diagram then this … Read more