Retina Histology – 10 Layers Description with Labeled Diagram

Retina histology

Retina is the innermost part of eyeball in animal. In retina histology, you will find the photosensitive optic part of retina and that is principally composed of two different layers. These main two layers are pigment epithelium and nervous layer of retina in animal. Hey there, do you want to learn retina histology with different … Read more

Spleen Histology – White Pulp and Red Pulp Histology with Labeled Diagram

Spleen histology

Spleen is the major secondary lymphatic organ in animal involved in filtrating blood and mounting immune response. Normally spleen is a blood forming organ in foetal life and blood destroying organ in postnatal life. In spleen histology, you will find the two important structures – connective tisuue framework and parenchyma. Welcome back to anatomy learner … Read more

Ureter Histology – Complete Guide to Learn Layers of Ureters with Labeled Diagram

Ureter histology

Do you want to learn the ureter histology with anatomy learner? In ureter histology you will find three major layers under the light microscope. You know the ureter is a muscular tube like structure and convey urine from the renal pelvis of each kidney to the urinary bladder. The peristaltic movement of smooth muscles layers … Read more

Mammary Gland Histology – Lactating and Non lactating Histological Characteristics

Mammary gland histology

Mammary gland is the modified apocrine sweat gland become functional and undergo development at puberty in female animal. In the mammary gland histology, you will find the connective tissue stroma and parenchyma like other different glands. Hi, do you want to learn the histology of  mammary gland with slide pictures and labeled diagram with anatomy … Read more

Cerebrum Histology – 6 Different Layers with Labeled Diagram

Cerebrum histology

Cerebrum of animal’s normal brain is composed of paired cerebral hemispheres. In the cerebrum histology you will find the outer gray matter (cerebral cortex) and inner white matter (known as cerebral medulla). Hi there, do you want to learn layers of cerebrum histology with slide images and labeled diagram? Fine, I am here to help … Read more

Lymph Node Histology – Cortex and Medulla Description

Lymph node histology

Lymph node is a oval or bean shaped structure located along the extensive drainage system of lymph vessels of animal. In lymph node histology, you will also find two main components – the connective tissue thin framework and parenchyma. Hi there, welcome back to anatomy learner and thank you so much for getting into this … Read more