Animal Femur – Osteological Features of Femur Bone of Ox

animal femur

Animal femur is the largest and massive long bone in animal skeleton. You should learn the osteological features of femur of ox and find out the differences from other different animals. In this article I am going to discuss on cow femur bone anatomy. I will share labeled pictures of animal femur identification. If you … Read more

Cow Hip Bone – Osteological Features of Pelvic Girdle Bones of Ox

cow hip bone

Hip bone of a cow consists of ilium, ischium and pubis from both right and left aspects. They are also known as os coxae of ox. So there are two numbers of ox coxae of ox. It is so important to know the anatomy of cow hip bone.   Hey, thank you so much for … Read more

Radius and Ulna of Ox – Complete Guide to Learn Osteological Features of Radius Bone of Animal

Radius and ulna of ox

The radius and ulna of ox are fused bones with each other. But you should identify the osteological features of radius and ulna bones separately. The radius bone of ox is larger than the ulna bone. Hey, thank you and welcome to anatomylearner. If you looking for a complete guide to learn osteological features of … Read more

Humerus of Ox – The Complete Guide to Learn Humerus Bone Anatomy

Humerus of ox

The arm of ox consists of humerus bone. Are you looking for the complete guide to learn humerus of ox anatomy? It’s not so hard to learn humerus anatomy of ox. In this article I am going to share humerus bone anatomy of ox. I will provide a simple guide so that you may learn … Read more

Goat Muscle Anatomy – Identification of Animal Muscle Anatomy

Goat muscle anatomy

Want to learn goat muscle anatomy with diagram? Identification of goat animal muscle anatomy is so simple. In this article I am going to share the basic information about muscular system of a goat anatomy. I am very interest to enlist all the muscles of goat. After reading this article you will able to identify … Read more

Female Cow Reproductive System – Best Guide to Learn Anatomical Features of Genital Organs

Female cow reproductive system

Do you want to learn about female cow reproductive system? In this article I am going to discuss on female cow reproduction system. I will also provide female cow reproduction system diagram. You will get little information about pregnant cow anatomy along with function of reproductive system of cow. After reading this article you will … Read more